A horse demon with swanlike wings and a single horn growing from the center of its forehead.
The Arach appears as an enormous spider, almost as large as a wild boar. Its eight dextrous legs are capable of skillful manipulation, allowing the demon to jump as high as ten feet and grasp its opponents by the face.
One of four elemental birdlike demons, the Caladrius is cousin to the fiery Phoenix, the icy Polarion and the lightning-powered Halcyon.

This hawk-dog hybrid is a quarter of the size of its closest cousin the Griffin. The Chamrosh is renowned for its loyal and loving nature and will often become lonely when separated from its master.

An insect-like demon akin to a giant dragonfly, with an iridescent carapace and four wings.

The enfield is both rarer and smaller than its cousin, the Vulpid, and is the size of a large dog.

This demon is a combination of cat and owl and is closely related to the Griffin and Chamrosh, though it is far rarer.

The Halcyon is thought to be the most common of the four elemental avians, with bright metallic feathers that make it shine brightly when it flies.

The Hippogriff is a hybrid if eagle and horse. Though fast on the ground, it lacks the fierce claws of its more powerful and rarer cousin, the Griffin, relying on strikes from its beak and hooves.

The Ifrit is an elemental akin to the Golem, aligned with fire rather than stone. A close cousin to the ice-powered Jotun, its skin appears t be made of blazing lava.

Jotuns are known only from a fleeting mention in a single ancient Elven scroll, though Hominum’s scholars dispute the authenticity of this text. Described as giant humanoids that appear to be hewn from ice, they are said to be capable of freezing all that they touch.

A demon that appears similar to a large fanged weasel, with serrated bone-blades replacing its paws.

This rare demon has bat-like wings and forelimbs, a scorpion tail and the body of a lion, though the dark fur is interspersed with sharp spines.

The humanoid shark demon is a favorite among orc shamans thanks to its vicious jaws, sharp claws and impressive agility. With a poster more akin to a chimpanzee than a man, these demons are excellent climbers and are capable of jumping great distances.

Onis appear similar in size and stature to orcs and are a favored demon among veteran shamans. They are characterized by their crimson-red skin, a pair of horns erupting from their foreheads and overdeveloped upper and lower canines.

The most favored demon of the Celestial Corps, Perytons appear as winged, horse-sized stags, with majestic antlers branching from their foreheads.

With its serrated tusks, sturdy fists, and a height of over ten feet, it is a force to be reckoned with. Thought to be the rarest and most powerful demon available to orc shamans, only one has ever been seen.

A large bird with red-orange plumage and long tail feathers like that of a peacock, the Phoenix is the rarest of the four elemental avian demons.

Polarions are believed to inhabit the clouds about the ether’s seas, using their ice ability to hunt any small demons foolish enough to leap out of the water.

The Raiju is so rare that only five have ever been captured in Hominum’s history.

The strix appears as an owlish bird with four limbs.

Appearing much like an overgrown wasp or bee, these demons are often difficult to capture because of their tendency to travel in swarms.

The Wendigo is a rare demon that is known to follow the Shrike migration across the ether, eating the carcasses of its victims.

The Wyvern is the orcs’ main counter to the demon of the Celestial Corps. These enormous scaled creatures have bat-like wings, long, spiked tails and horned crocodilian heads.